Mailbox Sales and Installation
Mailboxes serve a simple purpose, but there are different types of mailboxes for different settings. Deciding how to buy a mailbox for your specific needs involves considering various mailbox designs, mailbox sizes and mailbox styles. Become familiar with the different features of mailboxes so that you can hone in on the best mailboxes for your home or workplace.
Consider the type and quantity of mail you receive
There are many different mailbox sizes and determining which one you need is an important aspect of deciding how to buy a mailbox. You can choose the right size by assessing how much and what kind of mail you receive. If you get a large amount of mail daily, or typically receive small packages, then you’ll want a larger mailbox that provides the space you need. A smaller mailbox should suffice if you usually receive only regular envelopes and magazines in normal amounts. When you consider different mailbox sizes, it’s often best to err on the side of a larger mailbox. If your mailbox fills up, you might have to go to the post office to pick up the overflow of mail. A mailbox that’s a bit bigger than you need helps ensure that you receive all of your mail at home.
Choose how to mount the mailbox
When you shop for mailboxes, think about how you want to mount your unit. There are two mailbox styles when it comes to mounting: post-mounted and wall-mounted. Your local mail carrier might deliver the mail from a vehicle, and the post office might not permit him or her to leave the vehicle. If your home is set back from the street, the only way you might be able to receive mail is with a curbside mailbox. A post-mounted mailbox, which is a freestanding post that supports a mailbox, might therefore make more sense than a wall-mounted one. There are mailbox posts that you need to insert into the ground for stability, and you can also choose from a variety of unique mailbox base poles. These are poles that use bottom-weighting for stability. If you want your mailbox to accent your property, you should also consider decorative mailbox posts. Wall-mounted mailboxes attach directly to a wall outside of your home or apartment building, or a wall inside your apartment building’s foyer. These make sense if your local mail carrier operates on foot. He or she can walk right up to your home or apartment building to deliver the mail, making your trip to retrieve the mail a bit shorter. Consult your local post office if you’re unsure whether or not you can use a wall-mounted mailbox.
Consider mailbox features.
You’ll also want to consider certain features when determining how to buy a mailbox. Locks and rear doors are two of the more common and convenient features of a mailbox you might want. If you would like to protect the contents of your mailbox, you might want to look at security mailboxes. These mailboxes feature a locking mechanism that grants access to only you and possibly your local mail carrier. Some security mailboxes have a lock for which only you will have a key. They usually have a slot into which your mail carrier can insert your mail. Many cluster mailboxes have a master lock on the back for which your mail carrier has a key. The master lock enables the mail carrier to open the back door of the cluster unit and distribute the mail to the boxes in the unit. Individuals each have their own unique key for their mailbox so that they’re only ones who can retrieve mail from it. Some mailbox designs have a rear door. This gives you the extra convenience of retrieving your mail without stepping into the street. You might appreciate this feature on a curbside mailbox if you would like to stay near the sidewalk when getting your mail.
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