Double Shredded Hardwood $27.00 cu/yd
Red Dyed Mulch             $44.00 cu/yd
Brown Dyed Mulch             $40.00 cu/yd
Black Dyed Mulch             $40.00 cu/yd
Rubber Mulch by bag $600.00 (40) 1.8 cu ft bags
Rubber Mulch Super Sack $600.00 covers (76) cu ft
Play Mat             $44.00 cu/yd

Spread Rates Estimates

  • Mulch: 1 cu/yd will cover approximately 100 sq. ft. to a depth of 3”
  • Soils and quarry product: 1 cu/yd will cover 100 sq. ft. to a depth of 2”

Mulch landscaping prices

  • Includes weeding of flower beds, trees, deep edge cut in and spreading of mulch
  • Hardwood Brown $85.00 per yard
  • Dyed Black,Brown $95.00 per yard

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All prices are subject to change. Minimum delivery charges may apply. Our trucks are heavy. We are not responsible for damage to driveways, parking lots or yards caused when delivering your order. Payment: Cash, check , all Major credit cards. If paying by credit card, information must be given to office prior to delivery.