Q.How much mulch do I need?
A. We recommend you mulch 3 inches deep. At this depth one cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet. To figure how much to buy you will need to find the square footage of the area you wish to mulch. Divide that number by 100 and this will be how many cubic yards you need. ie: L x W Divided by 100

Q. Does hardwood bark mulch attract termites?
A. This is probably our number one asked question. The answer is no. They are only attracted to wood that is below the earth’s surface. Since mulch is used above ground is does not attract them.

Q. Does hardwood bark mulch draw bugs?
A. Any organic material has the capability of drawing insects or bugs. This is not bad though because it is a part of the natural scheme of things. The mulch will not attract any more bugs or insects than would normally already be there.

Q.Is your mulch treated?
A.No, we do not treat our mulches with any chemicals. They are all organic. In very dry weather we recommend that when you water your plants also water down your mulch. This will help there not be a fire hazard and it also helps hold moisture in for your plants well being.

Q. What’s the best kind of mulch to use?
A.The type of mulch you use depends on your application. Courser mulch does well in large areas and around large trees and on hillsides. A medium to fine mulch works well around shrubs and flowers. Wood mulches make good paths and playground material as well as dog runs. We would be glad to assist you in picking out a mulch that is right for your application.

Q.How many yards will my truck hold?
A.A standard size pick up bed holds 2 cubic yards. A small pick up bed holds one.

Q.If I buy bags how many will I need?
A.You will need 13.5 two cubic foot bags to make one cubic yard.

Q.How often will I need to mulch?
A.This will depend on what kind of mulch you get and how fresh you like your landscape to look. To keep “bark” mulches looking fresh you will need to mulch once every year since they tend to break down quicker enriching the soil below. Colored mulches may fade. To keep them looking good you may need to top-dress them once every year. Top dressing is applying about an inch of material on top of existing material.

Q.Sometimes I get mold on top of mulch. What is it and is it harmful?
A.When it gets very hot and humid a fungus sometimes grows on top of mulch. It looks yellowish brown in color and can be unpleasant to look at. It can easily be gotten rid of by hitting it with a hoe or with a blast of water from a hose. This fungus is not harmful.

Q.Will mulch keep my beds weed free?
A.It will depend on your bed preparation. Mulch will help eliminate most of your weeds and make any that do come up easy to pull. For a totally weed free bed it is best to use a weed barrier and then put mulch on top of it.